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Today’s cybersecurity products are designed from the “outside in”, while SolidWall provides protection from the “inside out”. SolidWall tracks user actions and enforces vault ownership via its proprietary features, demanding authentication to access data. It is like a mini OS that opens and closes with each command, providing only one way in and one way out.

Key elements include:

  • mobile-based, event driven authentication;
  • silent monitoring through notification infrastructure;
  • flexible user roles and management of vaults;
  • remote or isolated browser security; and
  • secured, remote desktop for viewing and editing vaulted assets.

Core Technology


Other solutions and their vulnerabilities include




SolidWall is packaged as an appliance or as a “Security as a Service” app that can be uploaded onto any Cloud environment, using our authentication app in conjunction with the user’s vault to manage its data.


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